Hammocks VS Tents: Reasons To Choose A Hammock For Your Next Camping Trip!

Hammocks VS Tents: Reasons To Choose A Hammock For Your Next Camping Trip!

Tents are a camping staple and have been a safe shelter for everyone for quite some time now. Now, if you went camping and didn’t sleep in a cabin or RV, then the odds are you slept in a tent. 

Tents are the universal symbols of camping as much as a rod is for fishing. However, a new type of camping is challenging the position tents to hold in camping, and that’s hammocks. 

Many people tend to think about camping with hammocks because it’s about roughing it more or sacrificing comfort for the sake of minimalism. However, that’s not the case at all. 

In all honesty, if you weigh up the pros and cons of tent camping, then you’ll see hammocks are actually more comfortable, more enjoyable, and even more accessible to set up and take down, without the sacrifices that usually come with ultralight gear. 

At Roman Outdoor, we know all there is to know about camping, and we love using hammocks rather than tents when camping. We regularly address FAQs to ensure everyone has a good time camping. 

Due to our experience in this field, we know all the reasons for switching to hammocks, and in the following passages, that’s what we will discuss. So without further delay, let’s check them out!

Hammocks Vs. Tents: Hammocks Ensure Better Sleep

Hammocks are perfect for sleeping. Once you know how to properly set it up and understand how to sleep in a hammock, then the odds are you will sleep better than you ever have camping and may even get a better night’s sleep than you do at home. Trust us; you will sleep with a smile on your face and are guaranteed to wake up happy, refreshed, and comfortable. 

We at Roman Outdoors often come across people who say they come home from their camping trip happy but completely exhausted. However, that doesn’t have to be the case at all. 

When you arrive, you will end up feeling recharged and energized with hammocks. Most of our customers who left tent camping and shifted to hammocks say they wished they were back in the woods rather than their home. It will change the way you think about your camping trips. 

You will find your camping trips incredible and ensure you never take camping for granted. Hammocks have the power to completely change how you see and experience camping while also providing you with sleep like a baby when out in the wilderness.

Hammocks Vs. Tents: With Hammocks Float Above The Perils On The Ground

If you’ve slept in a tent, then you already know that throughout the night, you’ll need to toss and turn because of a poorly placed rock or tree root that you didn’t realize was there when you set up the tent. 

There are instances where you may even find a peaceful place to set up your tent only to realize that it’s on a slight decline, and you end up sleeping at an angle the entire night.

 With hammocks, you will never have that problem. You will never need to care about the ground ever again. You can camp on a hill over rocks, roots, stumps, and even snow and wet ground without ever having to worry about catching a good night’s sleep. 

If you wonder whether setting up a hammock is more demanding than setting up a tent, then the answer is no. In all seriousness, it’s much more manageable. You will find that you’ve set up your hammock before your companions even had the time to unfurl their tents completely. 

When you get the right hammock kit, you won’t need to find two perfectly spaced trees. All you need to do is adjust where you hook your hammock into the straps to accommodate for the distance and hop in.

Fresh Air Galore

We often find it hard to express the benefits of being in a hammock. It’s something you need to experience yourself to understand. Now, if you are a regular camper, you feel that camping in an RV defeats the purpose of being outdoors. 

You want the complete camping experience and don’t want to live in big trucks with kitchens, bathrooms, and beds. The moment you switch to hammocks from tents, you’ll realize that all this time, you’ve been shutting yourself in a lighter, thinner, and more cramped ‘mobile home.’ 

Tents don’t have fresh air coming in that much. Even with the windows open, you lose the stars, you can’t even stand up to do anything, and you can’t easily see what’s around you. 

So with tents, you end up sleeping in a cold box and wake up in a hot and stuffy box. Also, if you are lucky, then you won’t roll into that puddle that’s somehow accumulated in the corner even though the tent’s supposed to be waterproof. 

With tents, you’ll see that you wake up in the morning and feel like getting up and out of the tent as quickly as possible, even if you are tired because the sun will turn it into a sauna. You’ll find yourself sitting with other members of your camp about what rock or root had kept you up when you use tents. 

However, with a hammock, you will be breathing fresh air that’s flowing freely around you throughout the night. Now, in all honesty, it’s almost impossible to truly appreciate the difference it makes until you’ve experienced it yourself. 

So when it comes to hammocks vs. tent camping, we bet you’ll prefer waking up to a cool breeze on your face instead of the tent’s sauna effect. Just imagine spending the first 20 minutes of your day listening and watching the wind rustle the leaves around you. 

You can watch clouds filter by, birds hop from tree to tree, and maybe even see a beautiful sunrise only by opening your eye. Hammocks ensure you are comfortable, relaxed, and ready to start your day when you’re ready and not when you feel like you need to escape. 

Hammocks Have Everything A Tent Has

The best hammock kits have everything you need that the best tents have. You’ll find everything from a hammock mosquito net, a hammock tarp, even a hammock gear loft for your belongings. 

It even offers you the privacy for changing clothes, but with the tarp set up over the hammock, you’ll have something that tents don’t offer you, and that’s the ability to stand up. Hammocks aren’t only limited to the beach anymore. 

Hammocks Have Everything A Tent Has - best backpack for hammock camping - Roman Outdoor

You can set up to reflect heat just like a tent, and if that’s not enough, there are plenty of additional options and accessories out there for hammock camping in cold weather. The only thing you should be concerned with is how committed you are to investing in the gear you need to be comfortable. 

However, you can get all you need within an easily affordable budget with hammocks. But you can start going down the rabbit hole invest in lighter gear and 4-season options. You’ll find that there’s a growing world of great hammock accessories out there to help you camp under any conditions. 

Well, It’s A Hammock

The final reason for investing in a hammock for camping is simply because it’s a hammock. Now, you may think it’s a weak reason but think of this, a tent only serves a few purposes like changing clothes hunched, hiding from the rain, and sleeping. 

However, you’ll need to go through the trouble of picking out a spot and assembling it to only use at night while you sleep, whereas a hammock is versatile. It offers you so much more. 

You can use it as a comfortable camp chair, a place to sit and cook your food if necessary, hang out and tell jokes around the campfire, or relax and read a book while the day floats by. Plus, you can take your hammock/chair and set it up next to that waterfall or after you’ve exhausted yourself on a climb. 

You’ll find that hammocks have incredible multi-use abilities on a camp trip. Also, the after and in between your camp trips is where your hammock shines the most. Unlike tents and other camping gear, you can use hammocks every day. 

You can string the hammock between two cars next time you’re tailgating; you can hang out in the backyard for the next BBQ, you can take it on vacation, use it indoors during the winter, and you can set it up on your next summer lunch break and watch the day’s stress disappear in no time.

Find The Right Place To Buy Hammocks

So there you go; those are the reasons why we believe you should invest in hammocks over tents because when it’s hammocks vs. tent camping, hammocks are the clear winners. 

The versatility offered, along with the all-year usage, makes it the perfect camping gear. Not only that, but it’s also lightweight and comes with all the features of the best tents without the hassle, and only occupies minimal space. 

So if you are looking for a high-quality hammock at an affordable price, then contact Roman Outdoor, and our team will help you find the right one. Our curated list of high-quality hammocks ensures you get the best camping experience without having to break your bank. 

If you have any other questions regarding hammocks or camping tents, drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will answer them all for you. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!