Polaroid nstant Film Camera

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    • Original Polaroid Format - easy to use - 60-day battery life - powerful flash - self-timer mode
    • Bluetooth-connected app: full manual control - double exposure - light painting - noise trigger - and more!
    • Standard & portrait lenses: you can switch between two different lenses. One for portraits so you can take a photo from 1ft to 3ft. The second is the standard lens: photos from 3ft to infinity.
    • Available for iOS and Android
    • Compatible with I-type and 600 film


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Yennifer Herrera

    Absolutely amazing!A bit tricky to get the film at first since Ive never owned one and I messed up a few. But now that I know how to use it! I LOVE ITIt will be the perfect addition to my wedding book

    Kyle B Phillips
    Exactly as expected

    My wife is a photographer and wanted this just for special photos to give while doing photoshoots so the clients would physically have something immediately, and apparently there is a demand for crappy polaroid prints. She seems to like it just fine and hasn't commented anything negative about it so I guess so far so good. I used it once, and couldn't understand why the designers placed the shoot button where it is. It is placed in such a weird place on the device, the front, opposed the the top like every other camera in the world. Either way, she seems to like it. Seems well built enough and could probably survive a fall or two from head height. The film is ridiculously expensive so just know that before purchasing.

    Worth it!

    This is amazing! The Polaroids look just like the would if they were actually taken in the 60s etc. it connects to your phone through Bluetooth too so you can set it down and take a picture of yourself with a timer or while holding your phone!

    Jessica Cavazos
    Soo cool

    My best friend loves it and arrived before time

    Love it

    Bit too expensive but I loved every picture taken out of it