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    • Anti-shock/ shock, absorbing poles: With the High Quality 6 Series Aluminum Material, the Shock-Absorbing Effect Can Strongly Reduce Damage From the Impact Force.
    • Extra-long EVA foam handles with straps: Soft and Comfortable, Absorbs Moisture From Sweaty Hands and Very Comfortable to Hold.
    • Built to last: We use 6 series Aluminum to make the Strongest & Lightest Poles in the Outdoor Market.
    • Extendable: Our poles feature our Quick-Lock so you can collapse or extend your poles from 26" (65 cm) all the way to 53" (135 cm) quickly. When not in use, these are easy to collapse, small, and light enough to be stored within your backpack.

    Customer Reviews

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    I recommend these, such a small investment compared to all ...

    bought these to take day hiking in Banff, Canada. Many of the hiking trails are well traveled in Banff, but using walking sticks make a difference. Even if you are physically fit, the walking sticks given you stability when there's some uneven or narrow terrain. I recommend these, such a small investment compared to all your other hiking gear.

    Highly recommended

    Purchased for my husband who is unable to walk distances(even short ones) due to back pain. Previously he has had a spinal fusion and now has epidurals for the pain. So, I decided to get these for him just to try out. Absolutely delighted with the results -he could walk the dog and wife through the woods in uneven terrain and up and down hills. Once he got into the rhythm of using them he found them very helpful and felt his weight had been more evenly distributed causing him to walk in a more upright way. I have so enjoyed being able to walk with him again. It has given him confidence to walk. Sad news: He has no more excuses for not walking with us! Very affordable. I bought these after reading various reviews for walking poles and followed recommendations for this particular one. Highly recommend.

    Great product

    Exactly as described. Good quality and great value. No complaints!

    Great walking aid -- better than a cane

    I got these as a walking aid, not originally for serious trail hiking. I'm 83, and was always used to going wherever I wanted to go. Then an accident resulted in injuries. I graduated from a wheel chair, to a Rollator, to a cane. Then I remembered that in years past, I'd used hiking poles. I ordered these Nordic poles, and they are absolutely great! They are extremely easy to set up for one's height. I love that they have various end pieces depending on where they are being used. Don't know if I'll ever use the snow or mud feet, but one never knows. They are making a big difference in my ability to walk more normally. I feel more stable with them, and I don't feel like I have to watch my feet all the time. They are so much better to walk with than a heavy 4-pronged cane. My physical therapist has noted the difference because while at PT I am now walking more upright and my stride has lengthened even when I walk without the poles,. Now that I have them, I've been walking far more. I use them to walk on sidewalks regularly, and I have even used them on some easy hiking trails. I love being in nature, so it's so very lovely to be able to walk a trail through trees again and not worry that I might fall. One of these days I hope to use them for more challenging trails.

    Thank you
    Excellent Customer Service

    Posting a review to let other customers know: that this vendor has provided excellent customer service, they were understanding, listened and very patient. I had purchased the FitLife Nordic Walking sticks and we could not get them tightened, they tried to walk us through tightening the sticks and when they would not tighten, they provided a new set. It looked like they tested them before sending them out, which was helpful for us when we received the replacement. I purchased these for my mother who is 84 and they help her to get her walking in everyday.