Memory Foam Pillow with Orthopedic Contour

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    • Memory Foam Cervical Pillow
    • Contour Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain
    • Ergonomic & Orthopedic Design, Cut Down On Sleepless Nights: The pillow holds the head anatomically correct in sleeping positions. The head and neck area are ideally supported, it fits the neck curve, is designed to cradle the natural curvature of your neck, provides right support for spine alignment, and is ergonomically certified by the IGR, it can be helpful for improving sleeping quality.
    • Ideal Pillow Size, For More Cervical People: The size of the Cervical pillow is 23x13x4 in(59x34x11cm), The height of the pillow loft varies from person to person due to the personal sleeping position, head size/size, body height/weight, shoulder width, etc. Suitable for office workers, drivers, the elderly, etc.
    • Breathable And Easy To Care: With removable and washable Pillowcase with zipping for clean washing (Machine Washable). Please make sure that the pillow core cannot be washed, keeps the foam clean and hygienic. The pillowcase is made of ice silk fabric, very breathable and skin-friendly, prevents sweating in summer.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Dawn Ziehlke
    Perfect for neck surgery

    Got this for my neck. I had spinal fusion surgery. C5 and C6. I have had it for 7 weeks now. It’s the only pillow I use.


    So soft and comfortable

    Great for people that snore

    My pops snores all the time so I realized that his pillow is probably really bad since it kind of pushes his head up in a bad position. I bought this one hoping it would correct his form and it did! This gives great neck support as well head cradle so you're head isn't angled in a weird way. I love the color as well. The breathable mesh makes the sleeping experience very cool as it helps circulate air when you turn, so the pillow isn't over suffocating and hot. Overall great pillow and solved my pops sleeping problem with the snores.

    Sachin Kumar Patidar
    Very good product

    Very comfortable and support your neck

    A. Youngblood
    Awesome night’s sleep

    I have had more dreams than ever, well rested nights, I feel good. This is a great pillow.